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WORKBOOK BUNDLE | Preschool Back to School Tracing Name and Alphabet Fun

WORKBOOK BUNDLE | Preschool Back to School Tracing Name and Alphabet Fun

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Do you hear "Mommy, I'm bored" several times a day? I can help!

Keep them engaged in learning to write their own name with our preschool tracing booklet.

As a bonus, the upper and lower case alphabet letters are also included, as well as counting 1-10, tracing vocabulary words, coloring activity pages and cut-and-paste activities. There are 28 premium colored pages in 8.5 x 11 sized saddle-stitch workbook ready for your child to trace, color, and solve.

Included with the workbook:

  1. Pencil Case
  2. Pencil Sharpener - Target® Brand
  3. Eight Crayola® Crayons - primary colors

Choose the color of the pencil case you'd like (baby blue, black, blue, gray, green, magenta, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow). 2nd color option listed is the color of the pencil sharpener (black, turquoise, blue, red).

***To add a 10-pack of engraved #2 pencils to your cart, click here, then select your engraved option and add to cart.***

It's never too early to start your 3-5 year old child to learn to write their name and the alphabet.

Shipping is included. Ships from Florida in 1-2 business days.

DID YOU KNOW... 5 ways tracing words helps kids to read earlier.

  • Tracing words helps kids to become familiar with the shape of the letters, which is an important step in learning to read.
  • Tracing words helps kids to recognize letter patterns and the sounds that letters make when combined.
  • Tracing words helps kids to learn sight words, which are words that don't follow the normal rules of phonics but are still important for reading.
  • Tracing words also helps kids to build their fine motor skills, which can help them hold a pencil properly and write more easily.
  • Tracing words can also help build a child's confidence as they see their progress and become more comfortable with reading.

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